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Posted on: 24th March 2016 | 2 Comments


(Including the St. Just & Pendeen Area)      

C.T.I.P.A Registered Charity No. 1147642



 For Information Ring:

07950 159841


 If you have no transport, food can be delivered to you

Important Information to Help Support our Community

The Foodbank in Penzance has been supporting our local Communities for a number of years now, and each week the collection boxes in the Co-Operative , St. Just and the Costcutter Store in Pendeen contribute to the food, household and personal items that are distributed in this part of West Penwith.

For the generous support of our community in maintaining the Foodbank, very many thanks.

Recently it was realised that the difficulty and cost of transporting food, and other essential items for a family, from Penzance to out-lying areas such as St Just and Pendeen may be deterring people from asking for support from the Foodbank.  To this end, we would like to make sure that people know that they can ask for Foodbank goods to be delivered to them.  They will be asked to ring the Foodbank number and give their order and this order will be delivered to their house, and their vouchers collected. We regret that it’s not possible for our car drivers to take people to the Foodbank to collect their food for insurance reasons.

If you need support from the Foodbank please don’t hesitate to call 07950 159841, and someone will explain how it all works and what to do next . If you are in crisis the Foodbank responds very quickly.

Gilly McQueen – St Just Town Councillor

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  1. Edith mcroberts says:

    We are on social and disability benefit and are struggling to buy food so how do we go about getting some and we’re do we come to fetch it

    • Elaine Baker says:

      From: Gillian McQueen
      To: “”
      Sent: Monday, 20 February 2017, 11:14
      Subject: Good Morning – About the Penzance Food Bank

      Hello Edith
      I have had your message passed to me by the Town Clerk because I take the Co-Op food bank to Penzance each week.

      The telephone no. to ring to talk to a Penzance food bank helper and let them know what you need is 07950 159841.

      You will need to collect a Voucher for the food bank locally – these are available in your local doctor’s surgery – St Just is 01736 788306. If you call the receptionist and let them know you need a voucher, they will tell you how to collect it – different doctors do it in different ways. When you get your food this voucher is given in to the food bank.

      The voucher will give you three weeks’ food – unfortunately it isn’t able to be an on-going provision.

      If you are able to collect your food from Penzance because you are in there on a Thursday you can do that, but there are a fair number of bags, and we do offer to deliver to you in this area. When you are talking to the food bank, tell them that you have spoken to me and I can pick up your food and drop it to you if they call me to let me know when it’s ready.

      I hope this is helpful – getting your voucher and calling the food bank helpers are on the above no. should get this going as soon as possible.

      with best wishes, gilly McQueen

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