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Area of Designation

As part of the Neighbourhood Planning process, town and parish councils are required to define the area the neighbourhood plan will cover as set out in the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012 / 15.  This is known as the neighbourhood area.  In March 2017, the Town Council gave notice that it wished to make an application under Part 2 (5) (1) of the Regulations 2015 /15 for the designation of a neighbourhood area for the neighbourhood Development Plan.  The area of designation being the entire area of St Just parish (as set out on the map).

This area was considered appropriate to be designated as a neighbourhood area for the following reasons:-

“The Town Council resolved to develop a plan for a neighbourhood area at its Council meeting on 20 March 2017 (min. no. TC281/17 (Neighbourhood Planning – Area of Designation refers).  The Town Council considered that the whole parish of St Just was the most appropriate area to be covered by the plan.”

St Just-in-Penwith Town Council is the relevant body for the purposes of Section 61G of the 1990 Town & Country Planning Act being the town council for the entire area applied for.

Cornwall Council, being the Planning Authority approved the area of designation on 24 March 2017.

Designation of a Neighbourhood Area (PDF, 49KB)