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Community Engagement Task Group

This group, chaired by Mel Faulkner with vice-Chair Cait Chalwin and secretary Jill Taylor, has the responsibility of engaging with every part of our community. Its first task is to try to make sure that everyone knows about the Neighbourhood Plan. Members have been in contact with local schools, and plan to put posters and leaflets around to publicise what it’s all about. There is a new Facebook page “St Just and Pendeen Neighbourhood Plan” which can be found on
You can contact the Neighbourhood Plan team by email on There will also shortly be “community postboxes” in both St Just (the News Centre) and Pendeen (Boscaswell Stores), where you can write to us with your questions, comments and ideas if you haven’t internet access.
The Neighbourhood Plan needs everyone in the community working together to make Pendeen and St Just the best it can be. Please make sure you’re a part of it!

(March 2018)