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In urging everyone to recognise the climate crisis Greta Thunberg said:
“Every single person counts.
Just like every single emission counts.
Every single kilo.
Everything counts.”

Banner at one of the School Strike 4 Climate events in Truro

On 25 February 2019, St Just Town Council joined many Parish, Town, District and County Councils in recognising and declaring a Climate Emergency. Following on from that they approved an initial short term action plan, on 13 May and that required the Council to establish a Climate and Environment Action Committee consisting of elected Councillors and local residents. The Council is therefore seeking 3 residents who have the right mix of expertise, knowledge and passion to join the committee.

Deputy Mayor, Sue James, who has been so far leading St Just’s work to declare a Climate Emergency and start thinking about what can be done differently locally, says

“Having spent time listening to the science and evidence of the consequences of continuing to emit carbon and other harmful greenhouse gases as we do today, I believe we cannot afford the ‘do nothing’ option. I also believe that it is no good us waiting for someone else to act, we all have to do what we can as soon as possible and those of us elected to represent communities need to help residents make decisions that are less harmful to our local environment and the planet. At County Hall our young people made it plain that there is ‘no planet B’ and that by the time they are old enough to be decision makers, it will be too late.

“St Just Town Council were unanimous is voting to declare the Climate Emergency and the Terms of Reference for the Climate and Environment Action Committee we now wish to set up.”

The committee being established for the St Just Parish (so including Pendeen and the smaller hamlets) will consist of up to 6 Town Councillors and 3 residents and will be required:

1. To review the Town Council’s initial Climate Change Action Plan and develop a longer term vision for the Parish, in conjunction with the Premises and Amenities Committee, our local schools and residents.

2. To ensure that the Town Council is a source of information for local residents wanting to reduce, re-use and recycle, improve habitats for pollinators, planting trees and how to reduce their energy and water needs and bills.

3. To work with those developing the local Neighbourhood Plan to ensure suitable energy and environmental policies are developed and promoted by Town Council when making planning comments.

4. Work with the Tin Coast Partnership and Cornwall Council to reduce local residents’ dependency on petrol and diesel engine motor vehicles, supporting schemes that encourage more sustainable transport.

Click on the following link to view and download St Just Town Council’s Climate Change Action Plan April 19

Click on the following link to view and download the accompanying Climate Environment Committee Terms of Reference

So, if you live within the Parish of St Just and believe you can contribute to this important, establishing committee email giving your full name and contact details, what contribution you can make to the committee’s work and specifying any membership of Political Parties and/ or Climate Groups (to ensure mixed representation). Alternatively write with this information to The Town Clerk at 1, Chapel Street, St Just, TR19 7LS. Applications will need to be submitted by 8 July.

Locum Clerk/RFO

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The Council is urgently seeking a locum Clerk/RFO to cover for a period of staff sickness, based at the Town Council Offices, Chapel Street, St Just.
Applicants should have previous experience of undertaking the duties and responsibilities of a Clerk, including Agenda preparation, Minute-taking, updating budget spreadsheets and familiarity with the HMRC wages package.
Good keyboard and computer skills are essential. The role may suitable for some one able to provide 20+ hours per week.
Usual hours of work will be 9.00 am – 4.00 pm, Mondays to Friday, with a fortnightly Council meeting on a Monday from 7.15 to 9.15pm.
Salary will reflect the qualifications and experience of the individual.
To have a chat about the role and what it involves, please contact the Chair of the Staffing Committee on 01736 787028 or 07710 270273 or e-mail


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At Monday’s Annual Meeting, Councillor Brian Clemens was thanked for his service as Mayor of St Just for the past two years, and the Council elected Councillor Marna Blundy as Mayor for the coming year, with Councillor Sue James as her Deputy.
The new mayor has lived in Botallack for over forty years, and raised her five children here. She is active in the local community, with particular interests in community engagement, support for vulnerable groups, healthcare, public transport, and local church life. Councillor Blundy’s background in music led her to initiate both the Walking Nativity in 2017 and the St Piran’s Parade in St Just this year, two new annual events for the St Just calendar. Her deputy served as the local mayor in 2012/13 before being elected as the area’s Cornwall Councillor in 2013. From 2017 until May 2019, Councillor James was a member of Cornwall Council’s Cabinet with the broad Portfolio of Environment and Public Protection. Being certified as “Cornish by Marriage” on the touring Tick Box Bus, she has thrown herself into the community of St Just and Pendeen since arriving in 2005.
Both new Mayor and Deputy are keen to work with all sections of our diverse communities, and hope to use their time in office to develop further community cohesion and involvement.
The Mayor said “We have a challenging but exciting year ahead, as we proceed with the devolution of the car parks and public toilets in Pendeen and St Just, as well as taking over responsibility for St Just Library which is set to become a shared space between the Town Council and Library Services. I hope, in due course, to see services develop in this building so that it becomes a vibrant community hub for all our residents and visitors, the Council working hand-in-hand with the community it serves.”
Deputy Mayor, Sue James said “My experiences and learning as a Cabinet Member will enable me to support the community with meeting our environmental challenges to grow wildlife habitats and reduce our impact on the planet. I will also continue my work leading a project to establish an International Dark-Sky Designation for West Cornwall and work with the Tin Coast partnership to ensure our community is sustainable as a great place to live, work and visit.”
With a range of significant events coming up in the parish this year, including the 100th anniversary of the Levant Mine Disaster, the Federation of Old Cornwall Societies Summer Festival, the annual two-week Lafrowda Festival, and the Gorsedh Kernow Esedhvos Festival of Cornish Culture, both the Mayor and her Deputy anticipate a busy year to come.

European Parliamentary Election – Notice of Election

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The notice has been published on the forthcoming elections/referendum page of the Cornwall Council website: Current and Forthcoming Elections/Referendums

The formal Notice of Election can be read by following this link: Notice of Election for the South West Electoral Region 2019

Climate Change

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The Town Council has made a resolution to join other councils in declaring a climate emergency and made three commitments. 1. When it owns buildings, following devolution, it will look at how to reduce energy and water consumption and consider carefully where it buys its energy, consistent with this declaration. 2. Over the remainder of this administration, as opportunities arise, it will review policies, procedures and contracts to minimise the council’s impact on the local environment and the planet. 3. Engage with residents and others to learn and strive to reduce our carbon footprint, including considering the LGA guide to Councillors.

Budget, Precept and Reserves

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The budget is an essential tool for controlling the Council’s finances and to demonstrate that it will have sufficient income to meet the objectives. One key part is to provide for contingencies and the need for reserves. The general reserve guidance is the reserve should be between (25 to 100%) or 3 and 12 months’ worth of expenditure. In addition, if we know the Council has specific projects, we need to set them as earmarked reserves for these (specific projects) or know expenditure in 2019/20. The Council’s Earmarked Reserves for 2019/20 are £100k for car parks and toilets. £30k Pendeen Playpark. £11,659 Plain an Gwarry and £3K Street Furniture; the total being £144,659.00.

It was highlighted in the budget that the council already have the funds ready for the car parks and toilets (acquiring a capital asset)/Plain an Gwarry work and these are not included in the precept demand, but are required to be shown in the budget. If we had a separate capital budget it would be shown there. We also need to raise revenue for Pendeen Playpark £30k and street furniture £3k, which along with the additional cost of running the devolution projects such as the library is why the precept demand has increased by a large amount.

The Council discussed the above and then on 14 January 2019:
RESOLVED: That the proposed budget presented for the financial year 2019/2020 £334,900 is agreed.
RESOLVED: That a precept request of £221,392 is made to Cornwall Council by 18 January 2019, an increase of 59.48 % on the previous year.

Merry Christmas From St Just Town Council

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The Town Council would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Peaceful New Year. The Office will be open again on Monday 7th January 2019.

Painting a Parish Future Event Pendeen

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The full report of the event can be seen at the link below. Through contacts made at the presentation, it is hoped that the painting and research will be exhibited at St Just Library, while also being shared with the Town Council and the Local Neighbourhood Development Plan as an example of public engagement. Discussion has already begun regarding on further collaboration by Peter Ward with Dr Willett with the possibility of developing the event in other areas. Business and public groups in the area have also approached Peter to run similar workshops for upcoming events.

Painting a Parish Future Event Pendeen – Full Report (links through to the intim8ecology website)

Job Vacancy

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Salary scale: SCP 15–17 (£9,228 – £9606) = Full Time £17,072 –£17,772 when based on 37 Hours week + Membership of LGPS (Pension).

St Just Town Council is seeking a part time (20 hrs per week) Support Officer.
The role is varied and demanding and involves working on both Town Council and
potentially Cornwall Council procedures. Post is subjected to a probation period of six months.

A job description and person specification are on the vacancy page.

Please submit a completed application form and monitoring form with a covering letter to:

Telephone: 01736 788412
Email: above for the attention, Chairman of Staffing
Closing /date: 5pm 18 December 2018.
Interviews to be held in Mid/late-January 2019

2018 Citizen of the Year, Junior Citizen & Community Awards

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Local citizens were honoured in presentations made on behalf of St Just Town Council by Mayor Brian Clemens.