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Rubbish & Recycling from 1 April 2012


Rubbish, recycling and waste collections are set to change from 1 April 2012, when a new contract starts with Cory Environmental Municipal Services.

The contract was designed following consultation last year with residents and will be introduced from 1st April this year.

The new single contract will replace those put in place by the former district and borough councils, prior to the formation of Cornwall Council. By harmonising waste and recycling collections across the county, we can provide a fair and equitable system  , giving many people and enhanced and improved service, while saving the Council £27m over the life of the contract.

Every household in Cornwall will be affected to a greater or lesser degree, depending on where they live.


Rubbish will be collected weekly. It will need to be contained in a disposable plastic bag. This does not have to be a traditional black rubbish sack any plastic bag will do as long as the rubbish is properly contained.

If you have a wheeled bin or standard rubbish bin, you can still use it to put your rubbish out for collection, but the rubbish must be bagged.


Recycling will be collected fortnightly from reusable containers, which will be provided free of charge. This will be a rigid plastic box and three colour-coded reusable sacks provided free of charge. We will collect glass bottles and jars, textiles, paper, cardboard, plastic bottles, cans, tins, aluminium foil and aerosols.

In some areas reusable containers are already being used for storage and collection of materials that can be recycled. We will be asking people to keep using these and provide new equipment only in those areas where it is needed and/or when it needs replacing.

Garden waste

From 1 April 2012 garden waste will be collected through a subscription only scheme based on wheelie bins. This provides customers with better value for money as only those who use the service, pay for the service. It also means we can make savings through targeted collections, which reduces the number of vehicle miles travelled.

Cory Environmental Municipal Services will also be responsible for street, beach cleaning and associated services, as part of the contract.

For further information please visit Cornwall Council’s website or telephone 0300 1234 141