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Community Share Offer

Help Stop Bosavern Farm being sold off and lost as a community agricultural and training asset….

A couple of weeks ago the Bosavern Farm Group launched an event for the sale of Community Shares in Bosavern Community Farm.  Details of the share offer can be found at where there are links to the share offer document, the farm’s business plan, and to the application form to apply for shares. There is about a month left before the share offer closes. The more shares that are bought, the more community support we demonstrate to Cornwall Council!

I thought you might be interested in how other people are buying shares: it seems there are three different groups of holdings that people go for: some go for 20 or 30 shares, another group buy between 50 and 200, and yet another group buy 500 or 1,000 shares (and there are a number of supporters applying for these larger holdings). We have some target figures for each group, but we are hoping that upwards of a thousand people will buy shares in the farm – I hope that you will join us and become a share-holder and member of Bosavern Community Farm!

Incidentally, it would make a substantial difference if we could find one or two more wealthy supporters who would like to buy a larger holding – if you have any ideas of any people interested in local community and/or food projects, who we could approach, please let me know!
Best wishes,

Andrew Corser (for Bosavern Community Farm)