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Posted on: 1st March 2013 | 2 Comments

Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is one of the UK’s biggest killers and claims around 2,000 lives each week.  That is 250 people a day or one person every five minutes.  This includes 270 children a year who die in schools after suffering an arrest.

On 3 January this year, the Cornishman newspaper, working alongside a local Penzance charity the “Ronnie Richards Trust” launched a campaign to raise awareness of the affect of SCA and to get 100 lifesaving defibrillators into our local schools, communities and public places.

A number of the AED units are already in use in Penzance, Newlyn and Marazion and helping to save lives.

St Just Town Council feels it is important that the residents of St and Pendeen are also given access to this life saving equipment, and following a recent presentation by the Ronnie Richards Trust has decided to purchase two AEDs for our local communities.

Having taken this decision, the Town Council wants to hear your views on where they should be located.  The units can be located on the outside of buildings and accessed 24 / 7.  In addition, the Town Council has committed funds to provide training for a number of local volunteers.  However, one of the main benefits of the unit is that you don’t have to be trained to use it.  Anyone can use it and hopefully help to save a life.

Therefore,  you are invited to attend a public meeting to be held at 6.00 p.m. on  Wednesday 13 March 2013 at Cape Cornwall School.  Everyone is welcome to attend so please tell your family and friends and come along to the meeting.  Your help and support can make a difference.  Representatives from the Ronnie Richards Trust will also be attending to explain the work of the trust and to demonstrate how the units work.

The Town Council hopes that the decision it has taken will encourage others to start fundraising, because the more units that are provided the more lives we can potentially save.

On behalf of the Town Council we look forward to seeing you at the meeting

Elaine Baker – Town Clerk

2 Responses

  1. Alan Williams says:

    Dear Madam Clerk, I have been asked by my parish council, Houghton and Wyton PC in Cambridgeshire, to do some research into buying and installing a defibrillator on the outside (sheltered but in the open) of our Clock Tower. I would be most grateful for any advice or information you could share with us.

    Best wishes,

    Alan Williams (01480-465713)

    • Elaine Baker says:

      Dear Alan,

      We have installed two AED defibs in the parish (both externally). Total cost was £4,500. You need to be aware of hidden costs installation / electrical connection etc. which we were not advised of so there were some hidden extras. The defibs also need to be inspected every two weeks and there is an online check sheet to be completed – Guardians role – again this was not made clear to us when the Council took the decision to install so you need someone to undertake this role. It’s the Town Council in St Just. In addition, you need to be mindful that the defibs software needs to be updated – we weren’t aware of this so make sure when you purchase you get the necessary cables. Finally, remember that pads can only be used once and will need replacing – fortunately there has only be one occasion in St Just when the defib might have been used and in the end wasn’t so I don’t know if there is a cost for replacements.

      My last tip – do your homework so that you know what you’re letting yourself in for – we had some hard pressure sell from a local charitable organisation without being given all the details.

      I hope this is helpful – if you require any further information please don’t hesitate to contact me.


      Elaine Baker
      Town Clerk
      01736 788412