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Dog Ban on the Plain-an-Gwarry

The Town Council  at its meeting on 7 April 2015 took the unanimous decision to ban dogs from the Plain-an-Gwarry, St Just due to the potential health risks to the public following an increase in dog fouling in that area.  The Plain-an-Gwarry, is a protected scheduled ancient monument, used to host a variety of public events and the increase in dog fouling was causing the Council considerable cause for concern.

Despite repeated direct approaches to people exercising their dogs in the Plain to find an alternative location there was no improvement in the situation, and the Town Council took the decision to impose a total ban with immediate effect.  CCTV is in operation and the situation is being monitored by the Council and the local Police and action will be taken against any individual that is caught allowing their dog to foul in the area.

Kevin McFadden, Town Mayor said “It is regrettable that the actions of a few have resulted in a ban for all, but we hope that you will agree with the Council that immediate action was necessary to protect the Plain, and ensure its continued enjoyment for all.”