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St Just Town Mayor Brian Clemens joins Trythall School for their ‘Peas for Bees’ afternoon.

Posted on: 26th March 2018 |

FREE online training course use an AED (Automatic Exterior Defibrillator)

Posted on: 6th March 2018 |

The Town Council has supplied and maintains two defibrillators, one outside Costcutter in Pendeen and one outside the Town Council Office in St Just. These are accessible 24/7, and are for use in a cardiac arrest.

Although no training is necessary to use an AED (Automatic Exterior Defibrillator), some people are concerned that they wouldn’t know what to do. We can recommend a FREE online training course which you can do in your own time in your own home, or at St Just Llibrary or the Centre of Pendeen if you don’t have your own internet access.

These online courses are quick and helpful, presenting facts simply and clearly, and giving you little quizzes at the end of each of two modules. You can download the answers to the quizzes after doing them, and you even get a certificate when you have completed the course!

The first two modules have 5 units each. Module 3 has videos of two real-life examples of CPR and AEDs being used. I found these films particularly valuable in demonstrating what I had learned in the modules, and would really recommend you watch them.


Follow this link to see all the free online first aid courses available:


and this link for the specific AED course:


These are free and easy to access (just ensure you don’t click any of the adverts by mistake!) and you have only to register an account with them. These courses can give you more confidence to cope in an emergency.

Go on, give it a try – and let us know how you get on.


St Just Town Council

March 2018

The Committee for the Built Environment for St Just Neighbourhood Plan

Posted on: 6th March 2018 |

The committee for the Built Environment for St Just Neighbourhood Plan are meeting every 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month for the next few months in the Council chambers 6:45 pm – 9:15pm on the following dates:

6th March

21th March

3rd April

17th April

1st May

15th May

5th June

19th June

3rd July

17th July

7th August

21st August

4th Sept

18th Sept