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Since the start of lockdown six weeks ago, St Just Town Council has opened its Library porch twice weekly to receive donations for the Food Bank, given that the usual collection points in the town are no longer accessible. Supervised by local councillors and council staff volunteers, donations have flooded in, along with rising levels of cash donations. On 2nd May, for example, in two hours cash totalling £200 was received, along with a full carload of food donations.

Town Mayor Marna Blundy says:
“We are proud of our generous community who have stepped up by searching both their cupboards and their purses to offer help to others. We have also appreciated the support of the National Trust, and Emily from the Red Box campaign for their donations. We know the need for Food Banks is, sadly, increasing, with referrals to our local Food Bank already up by 40%, and the impact of the lockdown likely to become more pronounced as time goes on; so continued support is vital. Well done, residents of St Just Parish. Keep up the good work!”

Donated tins and other dry goods to the food bank

Deputy Town Mayor Sue James adds:
“Alongside this, a community effort in Carnyorth, setting up a roadside bring and buy charity stall where people are trusted to leave appropriate donations, has raised over £350 for local Food Banks in just three weeks.”

All donations are initially taken to the storage depot in Penzance, where requests are processed and arrangements made for deliveries across the area, including to St Just and Pendeen. All fresh foods are sourced in Penzance, and deliveries made on Thursdays.

Residents in Pendeen continue to make their donations at Costcutter during shop opening hours, and those in St Just can drop off donations to the Library porch on Mondays and Saturdays between 10am and 12noon.