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Cornwall Planning Group Competition

Cornwall Planning Group as we have a competition running until the 1st December on their social media and we would really like the prize to go to a local person or community that may need the help. The prize is for architectural drawings for one lucky winner in Cornwall. The winner can even be nominated by someone else. It could be for, but isn’t limited to, a community project, an extension to form an extra bedroom or a ground floor bedroom for someone with disabilities. Ancillary accommodation for an elderly relative that may need to come and live with the family. Even a home office now many are having to work from home. It could be something completely out of the box, like a garden studio or spa, for someone who has done something that deserves recognition.  

If you could spread the word, or even nominate someone/a community that you think may deserve the prize, we would really appreciate it. Between you and I, the competition prize is just for planning drawings, but for the right person/project it is likely that we would also throw in building regulations and would even put the planning application in for the winner too.

This would amount to thousands of pounds worth of prizes. All you would need to do is head to either Facebook or Instagram, find the competition post I have screenshotted below and follow the instructions – @cornwallplanninglimited.

Either way, thank you for reading and thank you for your help. We hope that we can give this great prize to someone truly deserving.

Please click the links below to take you directly to the competition posts.

Christy Northall