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Posted on: 30th March 2021 |

Premiering online on Sunday April 11th 2021 11am

Everyone is welcome to join the event

Join the event.

Sorry we shan’t all be gathering together for tea and cake, as we did in 2019, but hope you’ll enjoy the programme.


“This above all, to thine own self be true”

Introduction: Golowan Band at Lafrowda Day
The Mayor: Welcome
Alfie Cornell: Miners’ Chapel Organ, playing ‘Danny Boy’
Cape Cornwall Singers and St Just School Choir: ‘Cornwall my home’ (Harry Glasson)
Matthew Moore: ‘All of me’ (Jazz piano)
Shindig Cloggers: ‘Liberty’ (dance)
St Just Year 6: ‘If’ (Rudyard Kipling poem)
The Mayor: Review of two years
Annie Henry: ‘May the mind of Christ my Saviour’ (Wilkinson/Barham Gould)
Glynda Winterson: Verses from Micah and Philippians
Bronwen Rowland: Prayer
Rev Karsten Wedgewood: Address
David Ceredig-Evans & Terry Grant: ‘In Christ alone’ (Townend/Getty)
The Mayor: ‘Go peaceful’ – a closing blessing (Paul Field)

CCLI Licence 110242

Notices of Election 6 May 2021

Posted on: 23rd March 2021 |

Cornwall Council Elections Officer has asked the Town Council to display Notices for the Police and Crime Commissioner and Cornwall Council Elections, together with Notice for the Town and Parish Election relating to our area.

Please find attached links to Notices of Election relating to the elections to be held on 6 May 2021.

A3 PCC-Notice-of-election 2021_web

Notice of Election _CC_2021_Final

Notice of Election_T&P_West_2021_Finali

You can download the nomination papers produced by the Electoral Commission if you wish to stand for the Town Council at this link.

We have also printed off a few packs and these are now available from the St Just Library from today and during normal Click and Collect services; although we would prefer you to print them them off the official site during Coronavirus crisis rather than travel to collect them.

Town Elections 6 May 2021

Posted on: 17th March 2021 |

The candidate form is also available to download from the elections website Parish and Town Council Elections – 6 May 2021 – Cornwall Council.  I am advised that the remaining candidate information should be available to download this week.

St Just Town Council Meeting

Posted on: 15th March 2021 |

Topic: St Just Town Council

Time: Mar 15, 2021 07:15 PM London


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Meeting ID: 842 5995 0398

Attention St Just dog owners – be sure to pick up after your pet because We’re Watching You!

Posted on: 8th March 2021 |

St Just Town Council is reminding people to pick up their pet’s mess after joining Keep Britain’s Tidy We’re Watching You campaign, appointing volunteer, Doug Luxford, as their Dog Fouling Community Ambassador. This is a project being carried out in partnership with Cornwall Council.

Residents and visitors will have noticed the eye catching signage around the hot spots of the town and Doug has been making regular patrols to monitor and deal with the unsightly and dangerous problem.   

Dog Fouling Community Ambassador, Doug Luxford said “I got involved because, like most in our town, I care about St Just. Quite a few of us were getting tired of taking our kids or grand kids to school, or popping up town to the shops, the library or the doctors and having to watch out for a freshly deposited pile of poo on route!”

He went on to explain “This is not a one-man Crusade; this is the local community saying enough is enough. This is a local problem caused by a few local inhabitants, which for some is a hard pill to swallow; we can’t blame this on the visitors. Lockdown has proved that. Stay Local, for a few Dog owners has become Poo local!”

Under the Antisocial Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act it is an offence to allow a dog to foul in a public place and fail to remove the faeces, and if caught the owner can be given a fixed penalty notice of £100. Any resident that observes pet owners not doing the right thing, can report the fouling incident on the Cornwall Council website or by calling 0300 1234 212.  As a witness, you will need to give the time, date and place of incident, along with a brief description of the person and their dog and what you saw. To lead to an investigation and action being taken, you will also need to provide the name and/or address of the individual or, other identifying information, like a vehicle registration number. 

Councillor Sue James, Deputy Mayor of St Just wanted to remind people “Not only is it unpleasant to see dog poo left on our streets, open spaces and rural footpaths but it is a definite health risk to humans (especially children), other pets and even farm animals. This is due to the invisibly viruses and parasites that can be shed in the faeces.”

The Town Council are very pleased with how this initiative is going and grateful to Doug Luxford for his efforts to reduce the amount of dog excrement on our streets and his picking up litter as he goes, including the latest phenomenon of discarded face masks and plastic gloves. The Council is hoping that Doug will win the hearts and minds of residents who will realise it should not be a volunteer’s job to clear up after them. Whilst it would be sad if it takes fining people to bring about changes in behaviour, for those that persist, that might be the only way.

Dog Fouling

Posted on: 1st March 2021 |

Just to let residents know that Cornwall Council Dog Warden has made a couple of visits to the Town. Cornwall Council’s Dog fouling notice stickers had been placed on some of the Councils lamp posts and on a couple of Council litter bins on Lafrowda Estate & along part of Carrallack Terrace.

Dog mess is unsightly, unpleasant, smelly and anti- social.
Stepping in it, riding a bike through it or worse a pram is such an inconvenience, especially if you don’t realise.
Cleaning up dog mess is one of the main responsibilities as a dog owner.
Dog mess is not only unsightly it is a major health hazard. It is hazardous to other dogs as it can spread Parvo virus, this disease can be fatal.
The key health issue to people is that it can lead to Toxocariasis.
Toxocariasis can cause serious illness and can lead to blindness. It is caused by a parasite, known as Toxocara Canis which is a parasite that lives in a dogs digestive system. Foxes are also carriers of the parasite but they don’t tend to foul in open spaces.
Parasites lay eggs, which are released in the dogs faeces.
Eggs can remain active in the soil for many years long after the mess is washed away.
If the eggs are ingested, i.e a small child, they may hatch into larvae leading to toxocariasis.
It is common in 1-4 year olds as they tend to put their fingers in their mouth.
Dog faeces are also a risk to livestock.
Toxocariasis symptoms can include seizures, stomach upsets and sore throat.
It can lead to red, painful eyes and clouded vision, it usually occurs in one eye. If the condition is not treated it can lead to blindness.
Pick up dog mess immediately
Always carry dog poo bags
Bag it and bin it straight away
Do not dump your poo bag in the countryside or hang from a tree
Regularly worm your dogs and use a licensed, safe and reliable product
Wash your hands when handling dog poo

Just remember if you allow your dog to foul in public you are breaking the law and you could receive a hefty fine!!!