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Dog Fouling

Just to let residents know that Cornwall Council Dog Warden has made a couple of visits to the Town. Cornwall Council’s Dog fouling notice stickers had been placed on some of the Councils lamp posts and on a couple of Council litter bins on Lafrowda Estate & along part of Carrallack Terrace.

Dog mess is unsightly, unpleasant, smelly and anti- social.
Stepping in it, riding a bike through it or worse a pram is such an inconvenience, especially if you don’t realise.
Cleaning up dog mess is one of the main responsibilities as a dog owner.
Dog mess is not only unsightly it is a major health hazard. It is hazardous to other dogs as it can spread Parvo virus, this disease can be fatal.
The key health issue to people is that it can lead to Toxocariasis.
Toxocariasis can cause serious illness and can lead to blindness. It is caused by a parasite, known as Toxocara Canis which is a parasite that lives in a dogs digestive system. Foxes are also carriers of the parasite but they don’t tend to foul in open spaces.
Parasites lay eggs, which are released in the dogs faeces.
Eggs can remain active in the soil for many years long after the mess is washed away.
If the eggs are ingested, i.e a small child, they may hatch into larvae leading to toxocariasis.
It is common in 1-4 year olds as they tend to put their fingers in their mouth.
Dog faeces are also a risk to livestock.
Toxocariasis symptoms can include seizures, stomach upsets and sore throat.
It can lead to red, painful eyes and clouded vision, it usually occurs in one eye. If the condition is not treated it can lead to blindness.
Pick up dog mess immediately
Always carry dog poo bags
Bag it and bin it straight away
Do not dump your poo bag in the countryside or hang from a tree
Regularly worm your dogs and use a licensed, safe and reliable product
Wash your hands when handling dog poo

Just remember if you allow your dog to foul in public you are breaking the law and you could receive a hefty fine!!!