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Post lockdown webinars for event organisers

Cornwall Council’s Safety Advisory Group (SAG) are holding two webinars to provide information to event organisers about maintaining public safety, as lockdown eases and opportunities to hold events becomes possible.

The webinars are being held for both small and large event organisers, to share the latest information that we are receiving from government about how to organise safe events, in line with the latest covid safety information.

The dates of the webinars are 14th April for small event organisers (community events, fetes, small group meetings) and 21st April for larger event organisers (town markets, small concerts, sporting events, etc).

The dates have been chosen so that we can provide the most up to date information, nearest to the published dates, which at the moment government are suggesting events can start to go ahead. 

If you would like to send questions to before the webinars, we will try to provide answers either before the webinar date or at the time of the webinar.

The format will be a short introduction to the current government advice (as available at the time of the session), and information about the current guidance available to event organisers on the Cornwall Council, Event Planning website.

At the end of each session we will produce a fact sheet and Q&A that we will publish on the event planning section of the Council’s website.

Please book a place on the webinars by following the link below.

14th April

21st April