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Risk of homelessness

The Town Council recognises that many of our residents are feeling anxious that they either are or could in the future be at risk of homelessness. We recognise there is a housing crisis with many local people being asked to leave their private rented homes through no fault evictions and then finding there is very little available that they can afford. Cornwall Housing, Shelter and Citizens Advice are all there to assist, links below.

All will advise tenants not to leave their rented home based on a notice from the landlord, unless they have somewhere suitable to go to. They should instead tell the landlord that as they have nowhere to move on to they have been advised to stay put until a court order is obtained, otherwise they will be regarded as having made themselves homeless and the Council will have no duty to assist.

Cornwall Housing Options Advice

Citizen’s Advice Housing Page

Shelter, bad housing and homelessness support