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Local Buses

Thank you for contacting us regarding the Local Bus Services in Penzance, specifically the new Tin Coaster operated by First Kernow.

To offer some background; First Kernow is a Commercial operator in Cornwall and therefore they do not operate any routes under contract to Cornwall Council since the Local Bus tender award to Go Cornwall Bus in late 2019. Historically, Commercial operators have generally been unrestricted in what routes and services they choose to register. With the confirmation and introduction of the Enhanced Partnership just last week between Cornwall Council, First Kernow and Go Cornwall Bus this will offer far more control to the Local Authority over the registered network going forwards.

First Kernow chose to make the changes to the previous Service 18 on a commercial basis. At the time Cornwall Council did raise concerns that this could lead to passengers having difficulty accessing some central points in Penzance, First Kernow confirmed that passengers could remain on the bus at Penzance Bus Station where it turns into a Service 19 to Madron and goes through the town centre and vice versa for return journeys so ensuring that the connection to the town centre was maintained.

I have added in the link to the Transport for Cornwall website where the timetable of Service 19 can be viewed, this may be helpful to share with any concerned residents- Transport for Cornwall | Buses, trains, public transport information

We do regularly review and re-shape the network and, as outlined above, going forwards we will have additional control and influence over Commercial Registrations and we will certainly note and take your comments on board  for future reviews.