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Planting Projects Message from Martin Cavell (St Just Town Councillor and Member of the Climate Action Group)

St Just Town Council Climate Action Group (CAG) has desire to plant native trees and plants at 3 sites around the town of St Just

Photo with outline of the land at Carn Bosavern owned by Cornwall Council
The land owned by Cornwall Council at Carn Bosavern outlined in green. Click or tap the photo for a larger version.
  1. Cornwall Council land at the northern end of Carn Bosavern.
  2. St Just primary school.
  3. Private land at “forest garden” Cot valley.

The land at Carn Bosavern is around the old quarry area and to the North of that. There is proposal by the group (CAG) to create a small Orchard in the far North east corner of the site in an area where there is currently Japanese knotweed and there are believed to be unmaintained and uncared for existing native fruit trees. There is also a proposal to augment the existing small area of woodland on the lower slope with native trees and shrubs. It is hoped to create a “woodland walk” and may include the creation of a new natural path. The higher area above the quarry is currently overgrown with invasive species such as Montbretia and it is the groups idea to remove those invasive species to stop further encroachment onto the native heathland above and encourage native species such as gorse and heather there.

The overall idea is to plant more native trees (such as Chestnut and Hazel) in the lower area of the site, giving way to smaller trees and shrubs (such as Holly and Silver birch) as they progress up the slope and encouraging heath at the top. There will be no tree planting close to houses in the terrace at the top and no view to the sea etc. will be lost.

The aim of the group is to create a more biodiverse and accessible area to benefit native flora, fauna and the community on what is an unmaintained site currently under threat from those non native invasive species. The importance of preserving areas of Bramble and wilderness is noted to maintain sanctuary and habitat for native mammal species (such as badgers and foxes) and nesting birds (including Whitethroats), the heath land and quarry area are reptile habitat under threat from the invasive plants and the augmented woodland will increase habitat for bats and birds.

Having established that the site is owned by Cornwall Council, the group (CAG) has obtained permission from the Council to further explore the idea. Initially, there has been advice sought on feasibility from representatives of the Permaculture Association, Penwith Landscape Partnership and Cornwall Wildlife Trust and it would seem that the project idea is feasible. We now enter the next stage of consultation where we will talk to local residents to gain their feedback and advice. No work on the site has, or will be done by the group until the right level of consultation is complete, further expert advice taken on board and a maintenance plan agreed. The Carn Bosavern project could be another asset to the town of St Just and the group sincerely want to make it a success that will benefit everyone and future generations. (We will certainly need the help.) There will be a public meeting very soon where residents are invited to discuss the ideas.