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Edward Hain – Have Your Say

Preview image for the Edward Hain - Have Your Say Poster

The Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly Health and Care Partnership has have worked with people in St Ives and Penwith. This work has told them that the Edward Hain Community Hospital is no longer able to provide health and care.

It’s important that everyone has had a chance to get involved and share their ideas before NHS Kernow Clinical Commissioning Group’s Governing Body makes a formal decision. To help make a decision, click or tap on the small image to the right and consider the questions it asks.

Then join the virtual public meeting that will take place on 22 October 2020 at 5.30pm by clicking or tapping on the following address:

(Note that this link will only be live at the time of the meeting.)

Full information can be found by downloading the full-size poster: Edward Hain – Have Your Say Full-Size Poster (PDF, 425 KB)

Town Councillor Daisy Gibbs receives Civic Award from Chairman of Cornwall Council Hilary Frank

The Cornwall Civic Award Crest

Daisy Gibbs has thrown herself into our local community from birth! Whether performing in the local pantomime or taking her place on the streets of St Just during the annual Lafrowda Festival, more recently being a member of the organising committee.

On her 30th birthday, in 2018, she had her head publicly shaved, raising £7,000 for Penhaligans friends. She also donated her hair to make wigs for children undergoing cancer treatments.

She is a fundraiser to replace St Just Skate Park and is known locally as an environmentalist. She was involved with St Just becoming plastic free and recently set up a monthly Care and Repair café.

She is an active member of Extinction Rebellion, taking part in action in London, striving towards a sustainable lifestyle off grid and helping others in the community make changes in their lives.

Her goal, from her election leaflet: “To support and encourage young people to be more involved in our community and also help St Just and Pendeen become self-sustaining towns. I really believe in helping each other and working together and that isn’t hard to realise in this, the most fantastic of communities.”

Daisy is an inspiration to other young women to be active community members and perhaps stand for election. In these unprecedented times she set up a network of wardens (around 100) to ensure every street has a contact if they need help. She achieved this as we went into lockdown. Her name is Daisy so it was called our Daisy Chain network. She has also become Chair of the Voluntary Committee responsible for the Nancherrow Youth Centre and project.

Cape Table Tennis Club

Cape Table Tennis Club team members wearing their new shirts

Please see photo to the right with the youngsters from Cape Table Tennis Club wearing the new shirts with logo on the front and Cape TTC on the back, kindly provided by funds from the Town Council Community Grant Scheme.

Interested Clubs in the Grant Scheme should follow this link to the Community Grant Scheme Pages.

Sustainable Future – Co-Car Car Club in the St Just/Pendeen Area?

The Co-Cars Car Club could be the way to reduce levels of car ownership and enable people to hire electric bikes

Join – Click – Swipe – Drive

Co-Cars Car Club logo

Co-cars car club provides its members with the convenience of a car without the hassles and costs of ownership. Members pay for a car only when they want to use one. Ideal for occasional drivers, short trippers and families who want to get rid of or can’t afford a second vehicle. Local businesses, residents and visitors can all benefit.

We want to know whether there is enough interest to have a car based in the St Just/ Pendeen area or perhaps Penzance.

To see whether our community could sustain a car and/ or a bike, please complete the survey:

Result of Poll for St Just Town Council on 23rd January 2020

Name of CandidateDescription (if any)Number of VotesElected
DENLEY, Christian SeanIndependent413ELECTED
MCFADDEN, William Kevin 316 
MUNDAY, David GeorgeLiberal Democrats361 

Note that the above are the results for the By-Election held on the 23rd January  2020.

Full details of the election results can be found in the following PDF: Declaration of Result of Poll – St Just Town Council 23 January 2020

St Just Town Council Moving Day

Moving day for St Just Town Council, Wednesday 22nd January. A new era awaits working alongside the Library for the community.

Statement of Persons Nominated: 23 January 2020 By-Election

The following document details the persons nominated for election as a Town Councillor in the forth coming 23 January 2020 by-election: Statement of Persons Nominated 23 January 2020

Please note that this forth coming by-election is not to be confused with the by-election recently held earlier this month. The results of this election can be found in this news update: Result of Poll for St Just Town Council on 12th December 2019

Result of Poll for St Just Town Council on 12th December 2019

Name of CandidateDescription (if any)Number of VotesElected
CAVELL Martin LeslieIndependent331 
GIBBS Daisy Elizabeth CarlyonYoung, Passionate, Community Minded, Independent1007ELECTED
MCFADDEN William Kevin 772 
MUNDAY DaveLiberal Democrats625 

Note that the above are the results for the By-Election held on the 12 December 2019.

Notice of Election of a Town Councillor

Notice is hereby given that:

Councillors to be elected
An election is to be held of ONE Councillor for the Town.

Full details available to download in the Notice of election St Just TC 23 January 2020 document.

Note that delivery of nomination papers can only be submitted in person on any day after the date of this notice, but not later than 4 pm on Monday 23 December 2019.

If the election is contested, the polling day will be Thursday 23 January 2020.

Again, full details are available to download in the Notice of election St Just TC 23 January 2020 document.