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Feast Presentations

At the Old Town Hall in St Just on Sunday 29th October, the Mayor, Sue James and the Town Clerk, Sue Ninnis handed out awards to celebrate the achievements of local residents.

Grumbla – Temporary Prohibition of Traffic

Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 S.14: Temporary Prohibition of Traffic


  • Road from New Road to Grumbla, St Just
  • Road Between Lower Trevarthen And Higher Grumbla, Grumbla

Timing: 16th November 2023 (09:30 to 15:30 hours)

Contact: Sunbelt Rentals on behalf of Openreach – Tel: 03700 500 792

The above closure has been approved. Please click the following link to view a map and associated documents: Live map and information for Grumbla

Bosavern Community Farm & Plunkett Award Announcements

Bosavern Community Farm have issued the following press release:

Bosavern Community Farm is delighted to have been announced as a FINALIST in the Plunkett and North Barnes Farm Partnership’s Rural Community Business Awards Rural Vision in not one, but two categories! Firstly, Bosavern reached the finalist stage in the Employment & Training Award category in recognition of the recently completed EU funded project supporting unemployed adults as well as for the ongoing volunteering, education and training opportunities offered at the farm.

Additionally, current volunteer Lilith Adler is set to receive a ‘Highly Commended’ award in the Plunkett Foundation Young Person Award category.

More on this news update »Bosavern Community Farm & Plunkett Award Announcements

An Invitation from the Tin Coast Network

Join the Tin Coast team for the launch of the Tin Coast Visitor Welcome Resources.

The Tin Coast team is very pleased to be able to invite local businesses and organisations to a ‘show and tell’ style drop in event to learn more about a series of free resources to help plan for, manage and welcome the ‘best’ kind of visitors to our place.

These resources have been created by and for businesses, organisations and individuals working and volunteering on (and with) the Tin Coast.

Drop by the Miners Chapel, St Just on these dates:

  • Thursday 26 October – midday to 8pm
  • Friday 27 October – midday to 8pm
  • Saturday 28 October – 10am to 4pm

More information about the Tin Coast project can be found on their website:

Are You Still Owed an Energy Bill Rebate?

Cornwall Council have released the following press release regarding energy bill rebates:

Cornwall Council still needs to confirm the bank account details of around 5,500 council taxpayers in order to pass on a £150 rebate to help meet energy bill demands.

The money was part of the Government’s measures to tackle the rising cost of living in 2022 and was automatically credited to most council tax bill payers’ bank accounts.

However, there are a significant number of taxpayers who do not provide their bank details to the council, and so the money was credited to their Council Tax accounts, where it remains.

The council has attempted to contact each individual affected, but the rebate remains unpaid to 5,500 people.

Cllr David Harris, deputy leader of Cornwall Council and portfolio holder for resources, said: “This money was part of a package to help people meet the rising cost of energy bills, and we want to make sure everyone gets what they are entitled to.

“One of the key issues we have encountered when trying to track people down is that some residents think it is too good to be true and must be a scam as you do not get letters telling you we will pay you £150 if you give us your bank details every day.

“We will be writing once more to those still owed money, so if you have any concerns about this letter being genuine, then please access the homepage of our website at and search “Council Tax Refund” in the search bar and follow the directions to “Ask for a Council Tax refund”. Or you could try our easy to use our online chat facility.

“Alternatively, you can phone the Council Tax team on 0300 1234 171 quoting your reference number from the letter and we will be happy to assist.”

West Penwith International Dark Sky News October 2023

We are looking for local residents to get involved in protecting our dark sky or in activities which help people to enjoy it.

Top of our list is recruiting members from the different parishes to carry out dark sky monitoring. We have maps of the sites where monitoring takes place, and we want to share out the work. Monitoring takes about four hours per year and we will train you to do it. Results will be used to show any changes, good or bad, to light pollution in your area. We would also welcome offers to help with buying more monitoring equipment.

There are many other ways to be involved, without having to attend meetings. We’re hoping to work with others in Cornwall in the future to organise a dark skies festival. Members of our team organise walks or watching for birds or mammals which appear under the dark sky. Your neighbourhood might want to look at reducing pollution from street lighting. If you own a holiday business, you might like to add stargazing to the activities you suggest to guests.

Please get in touch if you want to join in or have ideas to share. Contact Cllr Sue James:

Travel Assistance from Truthwall to Cape Cornwall chool

Cornwall Council are phasing out travel assistance on a local route from Truthwall to Cape Cornwall School in St Just.

Please click on the link for further information:

Phasing out Home to School travel assistance on routes deemed suitable for walking | Let’s Talk Cornwall

And click on this link to complete the survey:

Phasing out Home to School travel assistance on routes deemed suitable for walking | Let’s Talk Cornwall

The Council strongly objects to this and have added our comment to the survey:

The St Just in Penwith Town Council strongly opposes the phasing out of Home to School travel assistance on routes deemed suitable for walking, especially in the area around St Just (Truthwall to Cape Cornwall School) where there is little or no pavements, on a national speed limit (60mph), narrow country lanes, single tracks, no street lighting, uneven paths and stiles and overgrown hedgerows.

The safety of our children is paramount and we strongly object to this cost cutting exercise.