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The Town Council welcomes feedback from the local community and wants to hear your views on anything from dog fouling to the transfer of assets.

No issue is too big or too small – if you have a comment or view on any aspect of the work of the Town Council then we’d like to hear from you.

You can also put your comments direct to the Town Council by making an application for Public Address details of which can also be found on the website.

Elaine Baker, Town Clerk

7 Responses

  1. Constance Moore says:

    I see in the Cornishman that Cornwall Council are intending to create yet more 20 mph areas in the town. I supported the original idea of 20 mph zones near the schools, not realising that this meant additional 30 mph signs all over the place, but this is now becoming ludicrous. I live in Princess Street, and a vehicle drives along it approximately once a month!
    It seems to me that the best solution would be to make the whole of St Just a 20 mph zone, which would save an awful lot of signage clutter. Could the Town Council suggest this to the Highways Dept?

    • Elaine Baker says:

      Dear Ms Moore,

      Thank you for your comments on the proliferation of highway signage within the town.

      The Town Council has in the past commented on the additional signage which is required to support designated speed restrictions and its visuyal impact on the locality, but they are a legal highway requirement.

      As Cornwall Council is the responsible highway authority it would needed to be persuaded that there was local support for a blanket speed restriction as you suggest and therefore seeking the support of the local Cornwall Council in the first instance would be helpful.

      Unfortunately, Cornwall Council has entered its “purdah” period in advance of the elctions for Cornwall Council which means that no decisions can be made during this period. There will also be new Town Councillors following the local councils on 2 May. May I suggest that if you wish for this issue to be considered by your new Cornwall Councillor and Town Council that you resubmit your request after 2 May when the new Councillors can take your request on board.


      Elaine Baker
      Town Clerk

  2. Sue James says:

    Legally the signs are required and even if 20 mph zones were throughout then regular repeater speed signs would be necessary. It is only within a 30mph zone (after the boundary sign), where there are regular lamp posts at the legal distance, that you do not need regular repeater signs because the lamp posts determine the speed limit. No lamp posts and no repeater signs equals National speed limit.

    If people do not want speed signs around the town then the only answer is 30 m.p.h throughout, with the proviso that the lamp posts are all within the the legal distance apart.

    You can tell I am a driving instructor!

  3. Constance Moore says:

    Re the suggested names for the new housing at Gews Farm – I think Lower Bosavern the best suggestion so far, but I also love my partner’s suggestion: MCFADDEN MEWS!!

    • Elaine Baker says:

      Hello Constance,

      Thank you for your suggestion. The Town Council last night agreed to suggest Gews Mews / Higher Gews to the developer, and also that the St Just Junior School pupils be asked to come up with possible names.


      Elaine Baker
      Town Clerk

  4. Constance Moore says:

    Are the Town Council able to do anything, or do they know whom to contact, regarding that horrible builders’ tip at the top of the new estate at Higher Gews? It is a year now since the estate was completed, and the dump is still there!

    • Elaine Baker says:

      Dear Constance,

      Thank you for your email – unfortunately, the Town Council has no jurisdiction on privately owned land. However, I will bring your comments to the attention of the land owner.


      Elaine Baker
      Town Clerk

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