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Agendas & Minutes for 2010 Meetings

Date of MeetingTypeAgendasReportsMinutes
7 January 2010Internal AuditAgenda Minutes
11 January 2010Full MeetingAgenda Cancelled
18 January 2010Precept Meeting  Cancelled
25 January 2010Full MeetingAgenda Minutes
8 February 2010Full MeetingAgenda Minutes
22 February 2010Full MeetingAgenda Minutes
23 February 2010Working PartyAgenda Minutes
8 March 2010Full MeetingAgenda Minutes
8 March 2010Urgent ItemAgenda  
9 March 2010Working PartyAgenda Minutes
22 March 2010Full MeetingAgenda Minutes
26 March 2010Working Party  Minutes
12 April 2010Full MeetingAgenda Minutes
21 April 2010Internal Audit  Cancelled
26 April 2010Full MeetingAgendaMap Cape Cornwall, Questionnaire Cape Cornwall, Fact Sheet Cape Cornwall Road, Background Information Cape Cornwall, Background Information CC RoadMinutes
10 May 2010Annual Town Meeting / Annual General MeetingAgenda / AgendaMayor’s Annual Report, Summary Receipts & Payments Account Year Ended 31 March 2010Minutes
24 May 2010Full MeetingAgendaRequest for Financial AssistanceMinutes
7 June 2010Full MeetingAgenda Request for Financial AssistanceMinutes
21 June 2010Full MeetingAgenda Request for Financial Assistance, Planning ApplicationsMinutes
5 July 2010Full MeetingAgenda Publication SchemePublication Scheme Appendix 1, Planning ApplicationsMinutes
19 July 2010Full MeetingAgenda PlanningMinutes
2 August 2010Full MeetingAgenda PlanningMinutes
6 September 2010Extraordinary MeetingAgenda  Minutes
6 September 2010Full MeetingAgenda Minutes
20 September 2010Full MeetingAgenda Request for Financial AssistancePlanning Minutes
27 September 2010Staffing and Premises CommitteeAgenda   Minutes
27 September 2010 Environment and Tourism CommitteeAgenda   
1 October 2010Constitutional Review CommitteeAgenda   
4 October 2010Full MeetingAgenda PlanningSustainable Energy Community Public Meeting Minutes
18 October 2010Full MeetingAgenda PlanningRequest for Financial Assistance Minutes
22 October 2010Internal Audit CommitteeAgenda  No minutes available
2 November 2010Extraordinary Council MeetingAgenda  Minutes 
8 November 2010Full MeetingAgenda Planning, Minutes, Requests for Financial AssistanceMinutes 
22 November 2010Full MeetingAgenda Planning Minutes 
29 November 2010Environment and Tourism CommitteeAgenda  
3 December 2010Constitutional Review CommitteeCancelled  
6 December 2010Precept MeetingAgendaPlanningMinutes
13 December 2010Environment and Tourism CommitteeAgenda  
13 December 2010Staffing and Premises CommitteeAgenda  
20 December 2010Full MeetingAgendaRequest for Financial Assistance, Planning Minutes