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Agendas & Minutes for 2013 Meetings

Date of MeetingTypeAgendasReportsMinutes
14 January 2013Constitutional Review (9.30 a.m.) Inquorate.Agenda  
14 January 2013Full CouncilAgendaGrant Application, PlanningMinutes
28 January 2013Full Council (Precept Meeting)AgendaPlanning, PreceptAppendix AMinutes

31 January 2013

Constitutional Review (Re-scheduled Meeting) Refer to agenda papers 14.01.13Minutes 
11 February 2013Full CouncilAgendaConstitutional Review Committee, PlanningMinutes
11 February 2013Premises (on the rising of the Full Council)Agenda Minutes 
15 February 2013Internal Audit (9.30 a.m.)AgendaGrant ApplicationMinutes 
18 February 2013Premises (7.15 p.m.) Cancelled  
25 February 2013Full CouncilAgendaGrant Applications, PlanningMinutes
4 March 2013Staffing (7.15 p.m.)PostponedTo be held on the rise of the Council meeting on 11 March 2013 
11 March 2013Full Council f/bAgendaGrant Applications, PlanningMinutes
11 March 2013Staffing CommitteeAgenda   
18 March 2013Environment and TourismCancelled  
25 March 2013Full CouncilAgendaGrant Application, PlanningMinutes
8 April 2013Full CouncilAgendaGrant Application, PlanningMinutes
15 April 2013Constitutional Review (9.30 a.m.)Cancelled  
22 April 2013Full CouncilAgendaGrant Applications, PlanningMinutes
2 May 2013Local Council Elections   
13 May 2013Annual Meeting and Town MeetingTown Meeting Agenda, Annual Meeting AgendaGrant Application, Planning



28 May 2013Full CouncilAgendaGrant Applications, PlanningMinutes
10 June 2013Full CouncilAgendaPlanning Minutes 
24 June 2013Full CouncilAgendaGrant Applications, PlanningMinutes
8 July 2013Full CouncilAgendaGrant Application, PlanningMinutes
22 July 2013Full CouncilAgendaGrant Application, PlanningMinutes
5 August 2013Full CouncilAgendaPlanningMinutes 
 Summer Recess   
9 September 2013Full CouncilAgendaGrant Application, PlanningMinutes
23 September 2013Full CouncilAgendaCommunity Employment Programme, PlanningMinutes
7 October 2013Full CouncilAgenda Grant Application, PlanningMinutes 
21 October 2013Full CouncilAgendaPlanningMinutes 
5 November 2013Full CouncilAgendaGrant Application, PlanningMinutes 
18 November 2013Full CouncilAgendaPlanningMinutes
2 December 2013Full Council (Precept Meeting)AgendaBudget and Precept Report, Budget Report Appendix, Grant Application, PlanningMinutes
16 December 2013Full CouncilAgendaGrant Applications