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Restoration of the perimeter wall of the Plain-an-Gwarry

In 2011, the Town Council applied to English Heritage to carry out emergency repairs to the granite perimeter wall of the Plain-an-Gwarry, (scheduled ancient monument) following a partial collapse. During the works it became evident that there were other areas of the wall where a collapse might occur and following the completion of the emergency works, a full Condition Survey of the wall was undertaken by Cornwall Council’s Archaeologist. The survey confirmed that other areas of the wall could potentially collapse and the estimated cost of the repair work was £18,000.

In March 2012, the Town Council made a funding application to English Heritage to enter into a S.17 Management Agreement to enable the works to be completed via a rolling programme of “accelerated maintenance” over a three year period. In support of the application the Town Council agreed to set out aside “match funding” to meet the repair costs.

In May 2012, English Heritage approved the management agreement and the Town Council was awarded £6,000 towards the cost of the immediate repairs, with a further £3,000 paid following the completion of the works.

The Town Council has contracted a local hedger to undertake the repair works and Phase 1 of the works to rebuild part of the wall facing onto Butchers Lane towards Market Street has now been completed. Phase 2, outside the Red Star Chinese Take Away on to Cape Cornwall Street, is due to begin in the next few weeks. A photographic record is being taken as the works progresses.