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Climate Change

16 February 2022

These two documents are put on the website and show recent carbon audit report and events planned.

St Just energy and carbon audit Jun 19

St Just Earth Weekender 2022

News of the free giveaway of wildflower seeds for helping pollinators are now available from St Just library (normal opening hours), Centre for Pendeen and Stone’s fruit and veg.

St Just Town Council Climate Action Group Mission Statement

  1. Farming and Food production for example
    1. To engage with local farmers and food producers to help them reduce their CO2 and Methane in food production and to encourage good practice for soil health.
    2. To encourage more biodiversity on farms and in the wider community.
    3. To support people to use their own gardens to grow food as part of self resilience and to encourage more allotments to be made available.
    4. To encourage people to buy locally produced food.
  2. Transport for example
    1. To suggest individuals in our parish to use a bike where possible, to replace their car with an electric car or bike when they change it.
    2. To encourage the use of efficient and electrified small buses, serving local people and tourists alike.
    3. To encourage the installation of electric bike and car charging points available within the parish.
    4. To encourage less travel and more car sharing.
    5. To encourage people to holiday locally or not far away, discouraging air travel.
    6. To look into our current bus service and make that more affordable and efficient.
  3. Energy for example
    1. To encourage people within our parish to buy solar panels for their personal use and to store unused electricity in batteries. For those that are already generating their own electricity, to encourage them to buy a battery storage device.
    2. To look into setting up community owned renewable generating schemes and installations that fit the Neighbourhood Plan.
    3. To encourage our parishioners to buy their electricity from a renewable supplier.
    4. To promote energy efficiency and to provide building/home energy efficiency guidance for instance insulation.
  4. Heating for example
    1. To inform local people about the effects of burning fewer fossil fuels: oil, gas, coal and wood and how this affects Climate Change.
    2. To encourage people to cook on electric and heat electric from a renewable source.
    3. To encourage carbon negating schemes like tree planting in our community.

Link addresses: St Just Carbon Calculator