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Draft Plan: Public Consultation and Submission

Poster for the St Just & Pendeen Neighbourhood Development Plan


NDP response to comments from consultees:

Draft Development Plan Consultation (PDF, 175KB)


Revised Draft Plan:

Revised Draft Plan (PDF, 5MB)

The first page of the Neighbourhood Plan leaflet

The following documents have been submitted to Cornwall Council to accompany the Plan:

Basic Conditions statement (explaining how we have met the legal requirements):

St Just NDP Basic Conditions Statement final text (PDF, 352KB)

Consultation statement, including a complete list of public comments and a list of amendments made to the Plan following consultation:

St Just NDP Consultation Statement final text for submission (PDF, 1MB)

Sustainability check: St Just NDP Sustainability check of draft plan September 2020 (PDF, 315KB)

Strategic Environmental Assessment Screening outcome:

Screening Decision St Just in Penwith (PDF, 120KB)

SEA HRA Screening opinion report – St Just in Penwith updated 29.9.20 (PDF, 300KB)

Equality Impact Assessment: St Just NDP EQIA (PDF, 230KB)

Community Engagement Strategy: St Just NDP Community Engagement Strategy revised August 2020 v2 (PDF, 270KB)

Cornwall Council’s letter designating the Parish as the NDP area, 23 March 2017 : St Just in Penwith Designation Decision Notice (PDF, 80KB)


Formal public consultation on the draft Neighbourhood Development Plan for the Parish took place 12 October – 23 November 2020. Below is the text presented at the start of the consultaton process, to show how we carried it out.

Draft plan for public consultation, available in two versions:

Low Resolution (4Mb) – easy to read and quicker to download

St Just NDP Draft Section 14 Consultation -Loress (PDF, 4MB)

High Resolution (41Mb) – Better quality images and more detail in the mapping which might be of interest

St Just NDP Draft Section 14 Consultation – Hires (PDF, 41MB)

Here’s the leaflet which summarises what the plan covers and explains how to comment:

St Just NDP s14 consultation leaflet (PDF, 110KB)

The formal bit

This is the pre-submission consultation under Regulation 14 of the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations 2012, prior to amending the draft Plan in the light of comments from residents, stakeholders and interested parties, and statutory consultees, for submission to Cornwall Council.

Need an explanation of anything in the draft Plan?

Contact us by emailing us at or call us on our dedicated line 07500 507550 and leave a message. We’ll get back to you as soon as we an.

How can I comment?

You have until Monday 23 November

You can comment on any of the Policies in the following ways:

  • email us at
  • if you don’t have internet access, write to the Town Council at St Just Library, Market Street, St Just, TR19 7HX
  • if you can’t get to a post box, just leave an answerphone message on 07500 507550 and a member of the team will visit you to collect your written comments

When you are commenting: please quote the paragraph or policy number and then give your views and any suggestion of amendments that you would like to see. We welcome both positive and negative comments to ensure that the Plan truly reflects the views of the community.

Comments must be in writing for evidential reasons. Comments posted on Facebook will not count, so please take the time to email or write to us.

What will happen to my comments?

All public comments will be responded to by the team. Comments will be collated and considered and, if appropriate, amendments will be made to the plan. We will publish a report of the comments and feedback we have received and how we have responded.


We would like to reassure everyone, that at no time will any personal details be shared or publicised. Read our data protection and privacy policy here: NHP Data protection and privacy policy agreed (PDF, 100KB)

Want to know more?

Visit the Evidence Base page of this site to see all the documents we have used as evidence for this plan and for explanations on particular points.