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St Just and Pendeen Neighbourhood Plan: Archive of Meetings and Documents

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October 2020

September 2020

Date: 29th September
We’ve completed the formal sustainability check on our Draft Plan:
St Just NDP Sustainability check of draft plan September 2020

Date: 15th September
Steering Group Minutes 31 August 2020

August 2020

July 2020

June 2020

May 2020

March 2020

February 2020

Date: 12th February
We’ve revised our timeline and are now looking to a referendum in early 2021.
Our Timeline

December 2019

November 2019

Date: 12th November
We’re publishing the report of the Housing Needs Survey carried out for us by Cornwall Council. It has important information about the levels of need for affordable housing, which will inform the Plan: St Just HNS Report Draft v1.2 final_appendices

Date: 7th November
The household survey in June 2019 asked residents to mark on maps sites which they considered would be suitable for housing. This report shows the results on marked-up maps and explains our methodology: NP Household Survey Map Interpretation Report agreed 28 October 2019 final

October 2019

Date: 29th October
We’ve analysed the maps section of the household survey returns and have decided not to allocate sites for development. Read why here: St Just Pendeen NP Steering Group decision on development sites 28 Oct 2019

September 2019

Date: 29th September
Sustainable Pendeen electric vehicles event 24 August 2019
Here’s the report of the first of Sustainable Pendeen’s planned events, with kind permission of the organisers.
For more information visit

Date: 11th September
St Just Pendeen NP Timeline update September 2019
We’ve updated our timeline to show how we will reach the public referendum on our Plan during 2020.

Date: 11th September
Steering Group Minutes 9 September 2019

Date: 9th September
Here’s a fuller version of our raw data for businesses: NDP_Business_Full

Date: 4th September
Defining Development Neighbourhood Survey: Results
We are publishing the raw data from our household survey, conducted in June 2019. These represent responses from 994 households across the parish, estimated as around 38% of all households. View two documents: the overall preliminary data, and data from business respondents. Please note that the raw data will require further checking and has not yet been analysed. We are still working on the responses to question 8 of the survey (on local facilities) and on analysing the responses to our mapping exercise on possible sites for building, so neither are included at this point. We would like to thank team members who have worked hard on the survey, and most of all residents of our parish for their views. The next stage of our work is to use what we have learnt from the data to draft the Neighbourhood Plan and the specific policies in it. We will publish the data in a final form with an explanation and baseline information.

August 2019

Date: 1st August
Cornwall Council E-Bulletin July 2019

Date: 1st August
Stakeholder Consultation June – July 2019
Further consultation with our stakeholders. covering the World Heritage Site. Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and an update from Lands End Airport.

Date: 1st August
Dark Skies and Neighbourhood Plans
Cornwall Council has published this information on how we could include dark skies thinking in the Neighbourhood Plan. We’ll know if that’s what residents want when we’ve processed the household survey. We’d welcome your feedback.

July 2019

June 2019

Date: 25th June
Dark Skies Proposal
There’s a drop-in consultation event on the West Cornwall Dark Skies proposal on July 17, 4-7pm at St John’s Hall. Penzance. Learn more from the leaflet which explains why this could be good for us: West Cornwall Dark Sky Consultation Leaflet

Date: 11th June
Neighbourhood Survey June 2019
Our Neighbourhood survey is coming to your house on Saturday 15 June. This is how you tell us what policies you want to see in our Neighbourhood Plan for 2020-2030. Housing – what and where? renewables? climate change? protecting open spaces, buildings, wildlife, our unique character? Please find time to make your household’s views known. We’ll collect the following Saturday – or you can leave your completed questionnaire at the collecting points listed in the survey.

May 2019

April 2019

March 2019

Date: 25th March
Steering Group Agenda & Minutes 18 March 2019

Date: 21st March
Built Environment Group Minutes 12 March 2019

Date: 4th March
Draft Strategic Objectives
We’re publishing our draft objectives for the Plan and welcome your views.

February 2019

Date: 17th February
Climate Change and Neighbourhood Planning Conference 9 March
Cornwall Council has declared a Climate Emergency. There will be a Climate Change and Neighbourhood Planning Conference on Saturday 9 March for councillors and interested residents to increase understanding of the issues and look at how we can help to tackle the issues through our Neighbourhood Plan. The event is at the Tremough campus and is free. Arrival time is 9.30. Tea and coffee will be provided, but please bring your own mugs, water bottles and a packed lunch.

January 2019

Date: 19th January
Funding for Work on the Plan
We can apply for funding and for technical assistance and will soon be looking at applications for 2019/20. These two documents give the details: Grant Application & Technical Support Descriptors

Date: 19th January
What Can We Learn from Others’ Experience? A Lot…
Cornwall Council has published this summary of what we can learn from the National Association of Local Councils’ report on neighbourhood plans: Report for Neighbourhood Plans

Date: 19th January
Stakeholder Interviews
This reports the first round of consultation with stakeholders, and includes the National trust, Live West, Warrens, Airport, Penwith Landscape Partnership and Lands End Peninsula Community Land Trust. Thanks to all of them for supporting us: St Just Pendeen NP Stakeholder consultation report 21 January 2019

Date: 19th January
Influence on Planning Decisions
Will our emerging neighbourhood plan have any influence on planning decisions? This document from Cornwall Council explains how.

Date: 19th January
Strategic Objectives Workshop 7 January
We organised a workshop on 7 January to start drafting the strategic objectives for the plan. Here are our notes: St Just Pendeen NP Strategic Objectives workshop 7 Jan 2019 report

December 2018

Date: 7th December
Have Your Say – The Results
The St Just Pendeen Neighbourhood Plan team is publishing the outcomes of its Have Your Say consultation with the community, undertaken in summer 2018.

The consultation took place through open days in Pendeen and St Just, work with the three schools in the parish, and stalls at Lafrowda and the Family Fun Day. Members of the plan team, who are all community volunteers, were at hand to explain what a neighbourhood plan was and to answer questions. Participants gave their answers to three questions: what do you like about St Just Parish? What could be improved? What would you like to see in the plan?

329 people completed the public questionnaire and 125 school students completed the schools’ questionnaire.

The top five categories for what people like are: open space, community, heritage, facilities and coast. Facilities are also top of the list of what could be improved, followed by parking, appropriate housing development, traffic and public transport. And the five top issues which people want the plan to address are appropriate development, facilities, conservation, business provision, and affordable housing.

The organisers say: “The replies show how passionate residents are about the character of the parish and what matters to them. The Neighbourhood Plan must be led by the public and the Have Your Say results give us our starting point for developing proposals, which we will put to the public during 2019 in the form of a detailed questionnaire. Not all the issues raised in Have Your Say will fit into the terms of a neighbourhood plan, but they will not be lost. We’ll produce a community action plan to ensure that the messages go to the Town Council and other interested parties.’

Have Your Say 2018 Final Report

Paper copies of the report are available at the Council Chambers, Centre of Pendeen, Library, health centres, schools and community venues.

Date: 2nd December
Natural and Historic Environment Group Minutes 23 October 2018

November 2018

October 2018

Date: 31st October
Code of Conduct
We’ve confirmed that we are following Cornwall Council’s code of conduct with regard to declarations of interest and conduct of members of our groups. You can find the code on this website on the Cornwall Council documents page.

Date: 22nd October
Next Meeting of the Steering Group 29 October 2018

Date: 11th October
Report of Steering Group meeting with Sarah Furley Cornwall Council 8 October 2018

Date: 10th October
Presentation by Sarah Furley, Cornwall Council, to Steering Group 8 October 2018
This presentation gives an overview of the Neighbourhood Plan process and the next steps for us.

September 2018

Date: 29th September
Group Meetings Coming Up
The next meeting of the Built Environment Group is on Tuesday 16 October. Natural and Historic Environment Group meets on Tuesday 23 October at 7pm. Both meetings are at the Council Chamber at 7pm.

Date: 16th September
St Just Statistics
We’ve uploaded the `Local Insight’ publication of recent data for St Just parish, based on the last census. We’ll be updating and adding to this where we can, as we work on the Neighbourhood Plan.

Date: 29th September
St Just Pendeen NP Natural and Historic Environment Group Minutes 14 August 2018

Date: 12th September
Consultation with Stakeholders
We’re now preparing for consultation with organisations who may want to contribute to the development of our Neighbourhood Plan, might have information to share with us, or who might be affected by the Plan. This includes services, NGOs and charities, community organisations, business, commerce and industry. Help us to reach as many organisations as possible: please get in touch if you want your organisation to be included or know of an organisation we should contact.

August 2018

Date: 26th August
Code of Conduct

Date: 16th August
Penwith Landscape Partnership
Penwith Landscape Partnership is now up and running, with offices in St Just above the Dog and Rabbit cafe. They have a website and are happy to see people who call in to volunteer for their various projects or just find out more about them. Nicole Broadhurst from the Partnership will be working with the Neighbourhood Plan Natural and Historic Environment Group and will be training members in carrying out Landscape Character Assessments, an important part of our work. Anyone interested is welcome to come to the next NHEG meeting on Tuesday 25 Sepotember at 7pm at St Just Town Council offices.

Date: 12th August
NP St Just in Penwith Map

Date: 12th August
Local Insight Profile for St Just Town Council 2017

May 2018

Date: 1st May
Built Environment Agendas & Minutes