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The Story

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March: the Town Council decides to apply for the parish to be designated as a neighbourhood area, for the development of a Neighbourhood Development Plan. Cornwall Council approves this.

November: a first public meeting is called to discuss the need for a Plan.


January: a second public meeting sets up the Steering Group and three specialist groups, Built Environment, Natural Environment (later broadened to include Historic Environment) and Community Engagement. Built and Natural Environment Groups begin to scope their subjects and gather information. Community Engagement prepares for the first round of Public consultation.

June/July: `Have Your Say’ open events ask residents what they value in the Parish and what they would like to see in the Plan. 329 Residents completed the feedback form and 125 school students gave their views. Have Your Say 2018 Final Report

September onwards: the groups continue their research and begin to draft questions for the house-to-house survey planned for 2019, using the `Have Your Say’ results. The Steering Group begins to consult key stakeholders. We confirm that sustainability and tackling the climate crisis must be an important part of the Plan.


January: Steering Group and sub-group members draft Strategic Objectives for the Plan, using the `Have Your Say’ results Sr Just Pendeen NP Objectives summary doc.

February – April: Work on designing the house-to-house survey continues. We update our Community Engagement Strategy. St Just Pendeen Neighbourhood Plan Community Engagement Strategy. We conduct a Skills Audit to check we have the skills we need for the next stages of our work.

June: The `Defining Development’ survey is delivered to every house in the parish, and collected a week later. 994 returns come in, representing 1974 persons – about 38% of households. The raw data is published at the start of September Household Survey PrelimData

September: Steering Group with sub-group members start work on analysing the data and drawing up specific planning policies for the Parish. We update our timeline for completing our work.

October: Steering Group decides not to allocate specific sites for development but to draft policies which will steer it in response to the survey. St Just Pendeen NP Steering Group decision on development sites 28 Oct 2019

November: We publish our Housing Needs Survey (produced by Cornwall Council) St Just HNS Report Draft v1.2 final_appendices


January: Continuing work to complete first draft of policies, with justifications and supporting evidence

February: We update our timeline St Just Pendeen NP Timeline update February 2020

(This timeline was affected by the Covid 19 pandemic – see below)

May: We publish our revised Vision, Aims and Strategic Objectives document, with an emphasis on responding to Climate Change. NP Vision, Aim Strategic Objectives updated May 2020

June: We complete the first draft of our policies and submit it to Cornwall Council for technical advice and Strategic Environmental Assessment screening. The links for our evidence are on the website evidence page.

August: Following feedback from Cornwall Council we complete the first draft of the full plan

September: The Town Council approves the Plan. We complete the sustainability check for the Plan.

October 12: We publish the draft Plan.

October 12 – November 23: Six-week public consultation on the Draft Plan


February: following approval by the Town Council, the revised draft Plan and accompanying documents are submitted to Cornwall Council.

March: Cornwall Council confirms that the draft Plan is legally compliant and initiates `section 16′ formal public consultation., which takes place March – May 2021. The Plan and accompanying douments are then sent to the appointed Independent Examiner.

August: Independent Examiner makes her Final Report, detailing the required amendments to the Plan.

September: St Just Town Council unanimously approves the revised and final version of the Plan.

October: Cornwall Council signs off the Plan and the final version is published.


January 13: Referendum: the Plan is passed

February: the Plan is `made’ and carries full weight in planning decisions.