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Work Strands

Built Environment

So what is the Built Environment? Simply put it’s the structures that are made by humans; our shops, houses, roads and industrial units = but excluding our mine ruins and relics of the industrial past that have become part of the landscape and count as `historic environment’.The Neighbourhood Plan gives the community the chance to influence the look and feel of any new development; where a vernacular design should be used or where an alternative style might be acceptable.

Natural and Historic Environment

A photo of a Cornish mine stack with choughs

The natural environment encompasses all living and non-living things occurring naturally, meaning in this case not artificial. It encompasses the interaction of all living species, climate, weather, and natural resources that affect human survival and economic activity.
The historic environment encompasses all aspects of the environment resulting from the interaction between people and places through time, including all surviving physical remains of past human activity, whether visible, buried or submerged, and landscaped and planted or managed flora. Subjects which are included in or impact on the natural and historic environment include: agriculture, archaeology, heritage, history, ancient monuments, culture, wildlife, nature, habitats, geology, mining, biodiversity, landscape, ecology, tourism, climate change, planning, sustainable development, coast, countryside, moors, open spaces, green spaces, health & wellbeing, dark skies, pollution.

For each strand we have had a sub-group which scoped the topics, collected evidence, and drafted questions for our household survey. The two groups merged in autumn 2018. Members joined the Steering Group in autumn 2019 so that we can work together on drafting the Plan.

All documents linked to are PDFs and open in a new browser tab.

St Just Pendeen NP BEGminutes 26 March 2019

Built Environment Group Minutes 12 March 2019

BEG Minutes 26 February 2019

Built Environment Group minutes 29 January 2019

St Just Pendeen NP BEG Minutes 20 Nov 2018

St Just Pendeen NP BEG minutes 30 Oct 2018

St Just Pendeen NP BEG minutes 16 Oct 2018

St Just Pendeen NP Built Environment Group minutes 18 Sept 2018

St Just Pendeen NP Built Environment Group minutes 4 September 2018

St Just Pendeen NP BEG Minutes 1 May 2018

St Just NP BEG minutes 2018-04-17

St Just NP BEG minutes 2018-03-21 draft 2

BEG minutes 2018-03-06

St Just Neighbourhood PLan BEG mins 22 Feb 2018

BEG minutes 08022018

St Just Pendeen NP NHEGminutes 23 October 2018

St Just Pendeen NP NHEG minutes 14 8 18

StJPNP NEG 2018-04-10 Minutes for approval

StJPNP NEG 2018-03-27 Minutes – for approval

StJPNP NEG 2018-03-13 Minutes

SJNP NEG 2018-02-07 Minutes

Community Engagement

Our Community Engagement group works on listening to residents and finding out what their priorities are. Its two major activities so far have been `Have Your Say’, our listening exercise in June 2018, and our household survey in June 2019.

Household Survey PrelimData


Have Your Say 2018 Final Report

It also manages our Facebook page. See our community engagement strategy for more detail:

St Just Pendeen Neighbourhood Plan Community Engagement Strategy

St Just Pendeen NP CEG minutes 23 Jan 2019

CEG Minutes 19-7-18

CEG Minutes 21-6-18

CEG Minutes 7-6-18

CEG Minutes 31-5-18

CEG Minutes 17-5-18

CEG Minutes 3-5-18

CEG Minutes 17-4-18

CEG Minutes 12-4-18

CEG Minutes 29.3.18

CEG Minutes 15-3-18

CEG Minutes 22-2-18

CEG Minutes 06-02-19

CEG Minutes 31-1-18

St Just Pendeen NP CEG minutes 23 Jan 2019