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West Penwith International Dark Sky News October 2023

We are looking for local residents to get involved in protecting our dark sky or in activities which help people to enjoy it.

Top of our list is recruiting members from the different parishes to carry out dark sky monitoring. We have maps of the sites where monitoring takes place, and we want to share out the work. Monitoring takes about four hours per year and we will train you to do it. Results will be used to show any changes, good or bad, to light pollution in your area. We would also welcome offers to help with buying more monitoring equipment.

There are many other ways to be involved, without having to attend meetings. We’re hoping to work with others in Cornwall in the future to organise a dark skies festival. Members of our team organise walks or watching for birds or mammals which appear under the dark sky. Your neighbourhood might want to look at reducing pollution from street lighting. If you own a holiday business, you might like to add stargazing to the activities you suggest to guests.

Please get in touch if you want to join in or have ideas to share. Contact Cllr Sue James: